Nine Lies Commonly Told To Solar Customers

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1 - Solar is Free

Some social media ads say “Free Solar Pay Nothing” but this is a misleading statement. keep reading...

2 - The government will send you a check for the amount of the tax credit.

The truth is that the incentives are not a rebate, but are credits towards your income tax liability. keep reading...

3 - You’ll Never Get Another Electric Bill.

Solar will not always provide 100% of your electricity consumption. keep reading...

4 - You’ll Get a Big Check Back from The Energy Company for The Energy You Overproduce.

With rare exceptions, utility companies do not write you a check. keep reading...

5 - Solar Production Is Overestimated.

Many companies will say their system will produce far more than it will. keep reading...

6 - Misstating Energy Efficiency Savings.

Some companies will provide minimal energy efficiency products and services, such as LED light bulbs, foil attic barrier or other insulation, programmable thermostats etc. keep reading...

7 - Failure to Disclose Financing Costs.

It is common for some companies to fail to disclose the additional loan balance and/or other costs the homeowner may incur when using solar financing. keep reading...

8 - Failure to Disclose Schedule Amortization Terms.

Unscrupulous companies advertise a low payment based on the assumption that the loan will be re-amortized with an eventual down payment equal to the government tax credit. keep reading...

9 - All Solar Panels Are the Same / All Equipment Is the Same.

Like any other product and service, there are varying levels of production capabilities, quality, and warranty.. keep reading...
Experience the Transparency with Cenvar Solar Today!
REC Solar Panels Factory

We provide the best equipment available,  REC and Enphase, the Rolls Royce of solar panels.

At Cenvar, we are open and transparent about all the issues listed above.  We fully disclose all costs and help you think through how to make solar the best possible investment for your home. 

- We thoroughly explain exactly how solar tax incentives work, and make sure you get no surprises. 

- We do not overestimate production, and in fact, guarantee that our system will produce what we say it will, or we will pay the difference. 

- We put you and your interests first because we understand that  it is  in the best long term interest of you and our company. 

If after thoroughly assessing the viability of solar for your home, we find that it does not make financial sense in your application, we will be very forthright in sharing that conclusion.

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